About Rainy Day Village Network


What are some examples of how members can use Rainy Day Village?

Transportation to medical appointments, shopping, social activities, help in the yard, changing a light bulb, computer and smart phone assistance, and help with organizational tasks. Services provided will depend on members’ needs and the capacity of volunteers to meet them. RDVN will act as a referral service when the organization cannot meet member’s needs.

Rainy Day Village will not be able to provide medical care or assist with personal care.  

What is a Village and why do we need one in our small towns?

Villages support successful aging in communities. Many who live in our area presently have the support they need from family and friends. However, as needs shift and more regular and sustainable support are needed, Rainy Day Village Network can fill in the gaps.

How does RDVN operate?

Rainy Day Village is a non-profit 501(c)(3) membership organization that is run by volunteers. Requests from members are matched with volunteers able to provide the services.

Who Are RDVN Volunteers?

Volunteers with RDVN are community members. Because everyone has something to offer, members may be both providers and/or receivers of services as their needs change. All volunteers submit an application, pass a background check, schedule an interview and attend a training session. 

Is there an age requirement to become a member or volunteer?

There is no age requirement to join Rainy Day Village Network. Seniors as well as young families, and the adult children and relatives of Rainy Day Village Network members are welcome as members and volunteers. 

If I am healthy and active should I join now?

Yes. Rainy Day Village welcomes active and engaged members. Short term and long term needs change and being an active volunteer and member will also likely shift over time. Members can also enjoy the social, cultural, and educational activities of RDV during and before requiring services. 

As a Rainy Day Village Network Member must I volunteer?

Members are encouraged to volunteer in keeping with their ability and availability in order to help keep the organization vibrant and to meet the needs of fellow members.

What do I do if I have a medical emergency?

In the event of medical emergency members should dial 911. Rainy Day Village is not an emergency response service. RDVN may be able to assist with some follow-up needs at home once your medical team addresses a medical emergency.

What is the cost of membership to Rainy Day Village?

We are in the process of establishing annual fees for membership and anticipate that initially they will be $240 annually for an individual and $375 per household. We continue to analyze costs, which may fluctuate based on services provided and volunteer training required.

What if I can’t afford the full cost of membership?

Rainy Day Village has a commitment to be inclusive of all who wish to become a member and will attempt to subsidize the membership fees of those living on low and/or fixed incomes.   

Will RDVN partner with other local service providers?

RDV does not want to duplicate already available services. We will try to fill the gaps not met by local providers. We are working to develop and maintain relationships with local organizations, agencies and faith communities who share a similar mission. Additionally, we can serve as a source of information regarding locally available resources.

Why is there a membership cost for RDVN?

Membership fees will cover the costs of postage and printing, insurance, volunteer recruiting and training, telephone, website and communication and membership in Villages Northwest.