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A Resilient Approach to Aging in Community




Rainy Day Village Network promotes a thriving community
through our network of neighborly support.


Please click on Village Info above (or link below) for the latest update about "getting to Launch".



To quote John Lennon,

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”.

Over the past few years, robust efforts were made to build Rainy Day Village by constructing the foundation that would be needed to have volunteers provide services for paying members and even more importantly to create a vibrant network of community connections.  

We were poised to open in May 2020.  Unfortunately, the launch date was postponed due to COVID. Since the start of the pandemic RDV has been in a holding pattern. 

When business as usual shut down we were in the midst of training volunteers and scheduling introductory visits to our prospective members. Since we have not formally enrolled members at this point, all of those who have expressed interest in Rainy Day Village are considered “villagers”.

Click here for more information about membership and volunteering for the Village.

This was our plan! Help us get there!

Welcome to Rainy Day Village Network, an all volunteer non-profit organization. We're committed to helping one another maintain vibrant and connected lives in the communities we love. We believe in living our lives with pride, grace and independence in safe, healthy and socially connected ways.

Being dependent on family and friends gets old, fast. Imagine, then, an easy-going volunteer ready to step in, whether giving a ride to a meeting, running an errand, helping out with the garden or stopping by to say, ‘Hi’. We are an inclusive village and we’re from all walks of life - married, single, retired, working, newcomers, old-timers, active and not so active, dog lovers and cat worshippers - an altogether resilient network of ordinary people reinventing what it means to age in place. 

Rainy Day Village Network serves the North Coast community from Arch Cape to Twin Rocks including Lower Nehalem Valley. See our Services and Service Area here.

We invite you to participate in building a resilient community with us. Whether as a member, volunteer or donor, you can help us make RDVN a lasting reality where we can have a positive impact on our community and increase our own health and vitality. To nurture ourselves and at the same time be part of something bigger than ourselves is a powerful combination.