Rainy Day Village
Rainy Day Village
Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Our Mission:


Rainy Day Village Network strengthens our thriving communities with a web of neighborly support.

RDVN is an all-volunteer group whose goal is to "help neighbors stay neighbors" by giving all of us the opportunity to comfortably remain in our own homes. Though older adults are primary RDVN members, we seek to be available to all ages. It’s a plan, not a place and Rainy Day Village will offer volunteer services to members to help them with simple needs. Services might include things like helping with transportation, changing light bulbs, access to social activities, checking in or even helping young families with a variety of unexpected short term needs. Our goal is to help "fill the gap" where services already provided - by government agencies, churches, private nonprofits, or businesses - may not be reaching all our community.

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About the Network

RDVN seeks to support people who choose to age in their own homes and communities by creating a network of trained volunteers and local resources to help our members feel comfortable, supported and socially connected to others. Our vision is to continuously create and support ways to age in community with an eye toward strengthening intergenerational connection.


About the Village

We are powered by caring volunteers who will provide social support as well as improving the quality of life for RDVN members. We are committed to collaborating and connecting with community partners. As a proud coastal spoke in the hub of Villages Northwest, RDVN is part of a national village movement. Volunteers do tasks friends and families might do; however, we are more than an opportunity to volunteer. We seek to help create a legacy of positive change throughout our service area.