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Join Us - Volunteer!
Because our Rainy Day Village Network is an all volunteer organization, there simply is no Rainy Day Village Network without you. We don't find that daunting, we love the possibilibty of what our community can do together!
Volunteering is by no means a one-way proposition. Any of us who have ever volunteered know that giving really is its own reward. Bringing the skills we've honed over a lifetime, sharing them with people who need them, even spending time with other volunteers enhances our own sense of purpose. And who doesn't need that.
Becoming a RDVN volunteer involves three simple steps:
  1. Complete the Volunteer Application
  2. Be vetted to ensure member's safety and security.
  3. Participate in a Volunteer Orientation 
Make sure to add and to your list of safe senders.
If you're expecting a communication from us and haven't received the email, check your junk or spam folder and mark the message as "not junk" or "not spam".
Remember, you can always call our office if you're still having issues 503-482-9695
Certain jobs may require some additional training but ultimately the amount of time you want to give is up to you. How you support the Village and its members depends on your interests, skills, and availability. And you always make the choice to accept a service request or not.  Whether you have plenty of time on your hands, can only volunteer for a couple of hours a month or you only live on the coast part time - we welcome you and greatly appreciate you! Under the Rainy Day umbrella, there's room for all..
For a complete list of volunteer opportunities, from weeding to reading aloud, or helping behind the scenes running the village, check out the Rainy Day Village Network application.
If you'd like to support us but have no time to volunteer, please make a donation. Your generosity keeps us thriving. 
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer click Volunteer Application.