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Some examples of services:

Errands and Delivery
Picking up prescriptions, groceries, library books and …..

Friendly visit
Phone check-in, talking, reading, playing games, baking cookies.

Water plants while you’re away, moving a fallen branch, hauling debris and help with occasional tasks in the yard.

Handy Person
Clearing walkways, changing light bulbs, taking trash to the curb, small repairs.

Health Care Buddy
Take notes at the doctor’s office, help make your list of questions for the doctor, help with follow up advice.

Help Around the House
Occasional spot cleaning, putting away groceries, help moving furniture, help organizing, help handling mail and appointments.

Pet Care
Walk/feed your pet when you are temporarily indisposed or away for a short time.

Sewing and Mending
Get those hems, tears and buttons finally fixed!

Tech Support
Help learning about, setting up or fixing simple problems with your electronic devices—computers, phones, tablets, and home electronics.

Have trained drivers take you to appointments, grocery store, social events.

Services provided will depend on the members’ needs and the availability of volunteers to meet those needs. RDVN will not provide medical care or assist with personal care. Members need to be able to provide basic care for themselves. The tasks members will endeavor to do will be the kinds of things a friend or family member might do. Ongoing needs like regular house cleaning and yard maintenance; serious household repairs; or long term projects, for example, will not be part of our service menu.

Rainy Day Village Network Membership Area

Our Membership area extends from Arch Cape to Twin Rocks, including lower Nehalem Valley.