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Rainy Day Village Network promotes a thriving community
through our network of neighborly support.

Rainy Day Village remains optimistic. We are hopeful that when life begins to return to normal, we can continue to recruit volunteers, sign up members and become a more integral active part of this community.

Thanks to all of you who showed up at one or both of our recent Nehalem City Park events.  And we are especially grateful for those who stepped forward to do a task or two to give us some momentum towards “launch”.

We are calling these Village Builder tasks and they involve Volunteers, Transportation, Members, Communications, Activities, Outreach and Technology.  You will find a detailed list of these tasks at the end of this post. 

It’s not too late to pitch in!  Check out those tasks—perhaps there is something on it that you can help us with.  Each of these groups has a mentor from the original steering committee to provide guidance.  Our goal is to complete these tasks over the next 2 months and then reassess what else will be needed to open.

There are a lot of us who think Rainy Day Village is a grand idea.  If you are one of them and have some time and energy this summer, please consider joining the Village Builders Group.  Many hands make light work!

If you would like to join the Village Builders group, please email us at

We would like to give a special shout out to Lyn Trainer and Anjala Ehelebe, from Villages NW, who drove down from Portland for our first picnic and town hall to present some background about the Village Movement and Villages NW.  Villages NW is the “hub” for 11 Villages, of which we are one, which provides guidance, support and organizational nuts and bolts for the Villages.                                                                                  

Rainy Day Village Builder Tasks

Volunteer Group

·       Review and proof volunteer manual

·       Check in with pre-2020 volunteers to assess current interest and commitment

·       Review onboarding materials and process for training volunteer

·       Train incoming volunteers

·       Help with background checks

Transportation Group

·       Review and proof volunteer driver manual

·       Facilitate the training and testing of volunteer drivers

Membership Group

·       Review and proof membership manual

·       Check in with pre-2020 members to assess current interest and commitment

·       Review onboarding materials and process

·       Train membership volunteers in onboarding new members

Communications Group (internal communication with Rainy Day Villagers)

·       Inform RDV friends on our email list about our progress through mailchimp

Outreach Group (communication with general public)

·       Keep RDV website updated

·       Design, write and send print and social media releases to community at large about our progress

·       Design ways to increase volunteer and member interest in RDV

·       Focus on how we can reach out to engage potential Villagers

Activities Group

·       Plan and coordinate social activities such as village gatherings, coffee conversations or ? (your ideas)

Technology Group

·       Become familiar with Helpful Village platform and be able to train volunteers to use it

·       Become familiar with Google Workspace to communicate with other Villages and Leadership in Villages NW


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